Just a frightened small town girl in the only place that every small town girl ends up in
  1. The believe guy at Yonge and Dundas, obviously. Seriously, fuck that guy
  2. The albino squirrel in trinity belwoods. A fan favourite!
  3. Actually just all the squirrels. They're like regular squirrels but on crack and with no sense of personal space
  4. Not the pigeons though. They seem scary but they just want to make a friend in these trying times
  5. The windtunnel of stink at st patrick station. At least the stink is consistent though. Stay true to your roots wind tunnel
  6. The night bus. A terrifying concept.
  7. The bay at the eaton centre. Each of the 900 floors has a different mom demographic ready to trample you for some tea towels
  8. The guy who lives down the hall from me. One time he had a flyer stuck in his door for 8 days straight. I kept trying to smell if he was dead every time I walked past.