I'm at the airport and it's horrible
  1. There was no traffic the whole way until I hit the LAX exit and then it took 20+ minutes just to get to the terminal
  2. There are no signs that say "security checkpoint" or whatever, just gate numbers which are "subject to change"
  3. The TSA lady would not stop yelling "keep the line moving" when there was literally no where to move
  4. The other TSA lady with clear plastic glasses asked everyone to "please smile because we aren't at work, and even if we were on the way to get back to work we still aren't working [and she is] "
  5. There were two separate lanes at the security checkpoint and then they closed the other one for no reason and the TSA lady kept yelling and waving her arms to "keep moving"
  6. Terminal 5 is a zoo and it's not a holiday or anything
  7. My flight was supposed to board 20 minutes ago and it's just not
  8. I got food at this healthy place called "Lemonade" and it tasted weird
  9. "Lemonade" didn't sell water
  10. My vacation is ending 😭