1. Texted my landlady
  2. Emailed various professors
  3. Attempted to karate-kick my front door down
    This was after I lost my keys, and before I cried about losing my keys. I discovered the following morning that my keys were in fact attached to my belt loop.
  4. Went on aggressive feminist rants in New Orleans during Mardi Gras
    Suffice it to say I didn't receive very many beads.
  5. Made out with a tree
  6. Angrily chased a man down the street for touching @kristayg butt
  7. Claimed that I had been roofied
    I had in fact not been roofied.
  8. Attempted (and failed) to buy roofies
    The purpose of this was for my friend and I to roofie each other in a "safe environment" so we knew what it felt like.
  9. Claimed that I had a concussion
    I did not have a concussion.
  10. Wrote a final paper
    Doing college right.
  11. Performed in Grease the musical
    Where I successfully did a cheer-pyramid.
  12. Pretended to be an abusive married couple shopping at target with @NicoleVichroski
    Our names were Guy and Ralna
  13. Encouraged someone to climb out a second-story window and into an adjacent window
  14. Rubbed hand-sanitizer on a leaf
    So that I could use it as toilet paper in an alley way
  15. Watched myself in the mirror while I ate cold leftover Mac and cheese in the dark
    Not inappropriate, just weird
  16. Did the running man on stage with the cover band at a Boston bar
    Suggested by @Alicia