1. My mother, Ivette Rodriguez
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    This is a mostly unflattering photo of her eating lobster.
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    The person who requested this list I'm sure only to see where she falls on it.
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    Pictured together because I wanted to use this particular photo.
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    She also goes by "Chicken Wing" or "Icy Bison"
  5. My baby brother, Bodi
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    I didn't think I'd actually be able to find a picture of him on my phone so I was prepared to just google a picture of a cute kid.
  6. My father Jeff
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    Pictured on the left (if that wasn't already obvious), he epitomizes all Jeff-ish characteristics.
  7. My uncles Scott and Mauricio
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    Because they let me live with them. Not pictured: Scott.
  8. Presently, my man-friend Foti
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    He talks to me, that's the minimum requirement.