Is anxiety the cause of these weird itching fits I've been having?
  1. Every night lately I have itching fits.
    You know everyone has a fleeting itch every now and then but this is WEIRD.
  2. I will feel an itch and instinctively scratch it AND THEN. . .
    (Disclaimer: Not a metaphor)
  3. All the sudden the itch intensifies to the point where I am scratching the living daylights out of my feet
    (Sometimes stomach or thigh, but mainly my feet)
  4. I have NO RASH
  5. Haven't changed medicine, detergents or anything that I can think of that could be the culprit
  6. I take medicine for anxiety and have been feeling it hasn't been doing the best job lately but it being the culprit of my itching didn't immediately come to me.
  7. BUT without another explanation I think it is a real possibility
  8. After googling itchy skin no rash it was about the second result that said something about Anxiety related.
  9. BINGO
    So I think I found the reason for my itching but how does the answer make me feel?
  10. Embarrassed
  11. Frustrated
  12. So, I can't manage my anxiety enough not to have physical manifestations = EPIC FAIL