My sweet Buddy boy, our precious pup, died at 14 1/2 years old on the evening of November 29th. This is a list about life without him so far and the things I miss.
  1. I miss his presence
    He didn't do many tricks, and didn't do any in the last years but he was always there! I could just look at him and smile.
  2. I miss petting him
    We would always say "let's give Buddy boy some petting" and go and spend some time with him by his bed.
  3. I miss his bed
    His bed was in front of the fireplace in the family room and now it is gone and its absence serves as reminder that he is gone as well.
  4. I miss coming home...
    and him being there. He often laid in the foyer or in our living room right off the foyer and so when you came home he was right there.
  5. I miss talking to him
    Every once in a while I might have a conversation and although one-sided, Buddy always listened. But what I miss the most is just telling him hello. "Hey Buddy" or "Look at the Precious Pup"