S.A.D. hits me in waves

Idk if it is truly Seasonal Affective Disorder but I get some waves of the blues starting in fall and they really kick into high gear as the year winds down.
    Fall Leaves & Crisp Air. I love the season
  2. BUT... It is such a visual reminder of time moving.
    And all the sudden I feel pressure about Fall turning to winter and the end of the year
  3. Thanksgiving & Christmas are full of fun times with family
  4. BUT.. then there is the after holiday blues
    That usually come for me and I always think about how time has passed (since the previous thanksgiving or Christmas) and it seems like nothing has changed/progressed
  5. Even if that isn't exactly true. It seems like it is.
  6. The feeling becomes more intense the closer to NYE we get.
  7. Anyone else get end of the year blues?!