Quotes & stories from the kids.
  1. "Are you a teenager?"
    This one is pretty common. Yes I would rather look younger than older but "adulting" would be easier if people knew I was one.
  2. "You're so nice" "Yeah we never get to talk like this"
    This was after they had already been told REPEATEDLY to be quiet.
  3. At recess, one of my kids reached in his pocket and pulled out a corn on the cob he hadn't finished at lunch.
    Another teacher noticed this first and made him throw it away, explaining it wasn't sanitary.
  4. "Um can I open the window so we can have some fresh air?"
    No, you will get fresh air in a minute on our way to the bus. (And it will be a breath of fresh air for me! )
  5. One child handed me a note. It read: Ms.Marks I Love You! LOL
    I hope they intended it to mean Lots of Love
  6. "Can I take my jacket off?"
    There are a lot of things you need to ask permission for but taking that is not one of them.