You may have heard that Disney Channel is airing all of their original movies this weekend. Here are some of the thoughts I had while watching "Rip Girls"
  1. The main girl is Camilla Belle. Ugh
    I remember loving this movie and the girl but did not know that the little girl from the movie grew up to 'steal' Joe Jonas from T.Swift.
  2. Where have I seen the dad before?
    The dad seems incredibly familiar, but I looked at his IMDB and can't place him. Hey maybe it is this movie that I am remembering him from.
  3. That camera! 😳
    The Camera she uses and all the computer/technology stuff is funny to see.
  4. They don't make them like they used to!
    I see why I enjoyed it so much back then! Yeah it isn't an award winning film and it has its cheesiness but it's not corny and super kitschy like some of the DCOMS of late.
  5. It's all coming back, It's all coming back to me now (or most of it)
    So weird seeing a movie you probably haven't seen in close to a decade and seeing how you are still anticipating certain moments but then there are some things that happen sooner than you were thinking and aren't as intense as you remembered!
  6. Static