14 Times Moss Expressed Everything I Was Feeling.

  1. When I went to see Civil War.
  2. Whenever I'm force to go out in public and am asked to behave.
  3. Social outings generally consist of this and more of this.
  4. When my friends and I congregated at my place of work in the middle of the night just to use the excessive amounts of Internet data there.
  5. When I try to make interesting conversation with customers I don't know.
  6. When I post a controversial Jane Austen post on my Austen Instagram account and people start arguing.
  7. I then sit back and enjoy the fire being thrown.
  8. When complemented on my many different beanies that I wear to work.
  9. When I try to impress people with my extravagant life style.
  10. When people ask me why I've never had them over.
  11. When my best friend says she's in love with the same jerk that's screwed her over, oh, I don't know, 500+ times.
    Burn HIM.
  12. When my co-worker comes in with a ready made roast and I only have my cheese toasty.
  13. When I try to lighten the mood of a serious conversation but end up making things weird.
  14. Added bonus. That time I was Roy.
    When I watched The Notebook for the first time. I was actually Roy. Not Moss.