So, even though I joined back in October '15, it's taken me until now to build up any sort of following (thanks @PeteOnEarth, Sebastian Stan and Oscar Isaac 👍🏼). I thought it best to "listroduce" myself now - let's see how this goes shall we? 🙃
  1. My name is Elissa Poletti.
    Although I hardly ever get called Elissa. People tend to read my name and call me "Elisha", "Alicia", "Eliza", "Elise", "Elisa" and so on. But literally it's the easiest name to pronounce, it's "Melissa" without the "M". How easy is that?? Also "Po-lett-i" is Italian, apparently it's as common as "Smith" over there 💁🏽
  2. I live in country Victoria, Australia.
    And when I say country, I don't mean the outback, you know what it means when they speak of the country in, England, say? That's the sort of country I live in. Right down the bottom of Victoria, near the national park "Wilsons Promontory", if by chance you've heard of that.
  3. I have a dog.
    Her name is Maisie, she's a West Highland Terrier and the cutest ever! She likes to think herself a fierce warrior however her main battle strategy is barking at intended victim until said victim grows tired or bored of staring at her.
  4. I also have a cat.
    His name is Tom and he's a beast. He's bigger than Maisie and visitors are always impressed by him, he loves the attention and believes he is the George Clooney of the Feline world.
  5. I have a sister.
    Only the one sibling, which can make for a competition. She's hot tempered, and I'm annoying, not a good combination.
  6. I work in a hardware store.
    With two guys, both 50+. It's a thrilling job. Especially when the majority of your customers are also 50+ males who understand 20 year old girls to know nothing about "hardware". Not all are like that however, some a very sweet and encouraging which I absolutely love.
  7. I run an Instagram account dedicated to Jane Austen.
    I love running this account, so much more entertaining than my personal one! If you're interested in following here's a link - (yes that is a Bucky pop figure there, I love him 💜)
  8. I'm involved in too many fandoms to count.
    Seriously, I'm addicted to movies, television and books. Don't get into an argument with me about Civil War, you'll regret it, believe me. Also, you probably don't want me to start on my Star Wars theories...
  9. I'm sure there's probably something else I could divulge about myself, but I've had a mental blank. Also it's 12:25am and I have to work tomorrow so I'm gonna leave it there! Thanks for listening to me prattle on! 👍🏼