Bucky isn't a villain and here's why.

We all know Captain America right? Steve Rogers, the stunningly handsome soldier from another time that finds himself in The Avengers crew? Remember his best bud Bucky? Fell to his death in WWII, only to return as the Hydra weapon and "villain" in The Winter Soldier? I hear a lot of hate surrounding him, and it's not cool, here's why...
  1. The Protector.
    Despite the fact that Steve is a fully fledged action hero with all the strength anyone could ever need, he wasn't always that way. Before he was experimented on and turned into the "super soldier" he was a small, weedy kid from Brooklyn who had a knack of getting himself into trouble. Steve fought for justice and this would put him in hairy situations, often getting beat up by thugs. But who was always there to get him out? None other than Bucky Barnes, his protector and big brother.
  2. The Patriot.
    He loved his country and wasn't afraid to fight for it, even when that meant facing almost certain death in enemy territory. He was proud to be an American soldier.
  3. The Victim.
    He and his men were captured by the Nazis who were working for Hydra and Bucky was tortured for information. This is the first time Bucky was tortured and definitely not the last. His sense of humour remained and we saw this when super soldier Cap comes to get him out.
  4. The Team Player.
    Although weakened by his ordeal, he and the other captured soldiers fight Hydra with Cap and win.
  5. The War Hero.
    Victory! He and his men were free and with the help of Captain America lowered the numbers of Nazis and Hydra agents.
  6. The War Hero - Part II.
    He went with Cap on the mission to infiltrate the Hydra base (still weakened from being tortured) and upon entering a train carrying Nazi and Hydra weapons a fight ensued. Bucky was thrown from one of the freight carts, (the train traveling over a bridge at this point) and met his fate at the bottom of a ravine....
  7. The Winter Soldier.
    In the second instalment of Captain America: The Winter Soldier we find out that Bucky never actually died in his, well let's face it, pretty much unsurvivable fall. He did lose his left arm, and I'm sure there was a lot of damage, but he was captured yet again by Hydra and pumped full of a gene which inevitably turned him into The Winter Soldier. Super strength, a mechanical arm and mental and physical torture turned him into one of the most dangerous Marvel characters yet.
  8. The Hydra Agent & Weapon.
    Bucky did some horrendous things under Hydra's control. But that's the one word we have to remember when speaking of Bucky, "control". He had no control over his actions, no choice, no moral compass to point him in the right direction. That was all taken from him. His body existed, but his mind did not. Does it make him a villain, doing these thing with no notion of what it was he was doing?
  9. Who the hell is Bucky?
    As Steve fights The Winter Soldier the scarf covering his face falls down and it is revealed who the man behind the mask really is. As Cap calls out after him, "Bucky!", The Winter Soldier turns around and in a chilling manner utters the words, "who the hell is Bucky?" The question itself is an acknowledgment of Bucky having no clue of who or what he is. But sure, he's a villain right?...
  10. To Be Dangerous Is To Be Villainous.
    One character I can't help but relate Bucky too is Bruce Banner, the man behind The Hulk. He is dangerous in every sense of the word. He's killed people, he has no memory of doing so, and he reeks havoc! Yet people love him. Why? Because Bruce has a conscience. This is something people seem to forget about James Barnes. He too, is just a man with a conscience and when he starts to come round, they pump him full of serum again. He's dangerous, but why should that make him a villain?
  11. The Great Escape.
    Towards the end of CATWS, a fight takes place between Cap and The Winter Soldier. In one last effort to bring Bucky back, Cap lays down his weapons and gives him a choice. Bucky continues beating Cap up as the air craft they were on plunges into the water below. But as Steve sinks deeper into the sea, Bucky pulls him out, rests him on the bank, and disappears into the trees.
  12. Bucky Abroad.
    The next time we see Bucky he is abroad and trying to live a quiet life. Hiding from Hydra and with the serum long out of his system he is feeling clear remorse for his previous actions as The Winter Soldier. When Cap confronts him about killing, he simply says "I don't do that anymore."
  13. Longing, rusted, furnace, daybreak, seventeen, benign, nine, homecoming, one, freight car.
    The words that active The Winter Soldier. Spoken only twice in Captain America: Civil War, the first in a flashback scene and the second when Zemo gets hold of Bucky. What power do these words hold over Bucky? Are they words that confirm him being a villain or words that mark back to his former days as James Buchanan Barnes? Either way, Bucky will always be a hero, a war veteran in my mind and a man who deserves to be treated with love and kindness instead of hate and vengeance.
  14. As a side note, if you'd like to see a stand alone Winter Soldier film just sign this petition 😊