I just revisited a movie from my early teens...

It's brought a lot of things to my attention, like the fact I don't have a Robbie.
  1. Why can't I find someone like Robbie (aka Aaron Taylor-Johnson) in real life?
    Libby, I'd lick Robbie too. 🐈👅
  2. I mean, basically EVERYTHING in my life is on par with Georgia's life apart from that ONE MINOR DETAIL!!!
  3. I'm going to London in September so maybe I can find myself a "fit, Cosmopolitan Robbie" too?
    He's laughing because it's unlikely and I'm sad.
  4. But is that really too much to ask? To find a perfect Robbie (slightly older than 17 if possible) who thinks I'm mad, but perfect for him?
    Yeah, the mad part is a no brainer.
  5. Totally having a nervy b right now.
    The film is Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging in case you had the misfortune of not watching this in High School in which case I feel sorry for you because you didn't grow up knowing that such perfection as Robbie Jennings and his Stiff Dylan's band existed.
  6. K bye