List is asking me to make resolutions and I'm just not in the mood.

  1. I ate 3 fish cakes, a piece of flake, and a box of hot chips today, no I am not going on a diet.
  2. I've spent the last half an hour lying in bed playing "Enchanted Tales" (yes that Disney app) because I'm unmotivated and tired, no I don't plan on being more sociable.
  3. I just started watching Poldark and I don't plan on giving up my Period Drama obsession anytime soon in order to step out into reality and be an adult person.
    I'm never sorry for wedding you my love ❤️
  4. Besides, why make resolutions? I'm just setting myself up for failure. Why can't I just roll with the punches?
  5. This is what came up when I searched "resolute", I don't want to be a ship wrecked on some ice.