Movies from 2016 that left me feeling satisfied.

So far... there's so many that I wanted to see and didn't have the time too 😭
  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
    Okay so this actually came out in 2015 buuuut I did see it 3 times and 2 of those times were in 2016 so I'm gonna include it.
  2. Captain America: Civil War
    You tore me to pieces, but I endured you 3 times at the cinema so that's saying something.
  3. Eddie the Eagle
    I've been looking at lists on the internet of movies that came out this year so I can remember all the ones I've seen and I'm disappointed to say that EDDIE THE EAGLE WASN'T ON ONE FLIPPING LIST WHY GOD WHY?!? I love this movie so much, like I literally feel my heart swelling inside when I watch it... Perhaps I should see a doctor for heart issues...
  4. Love & Friendship
    I love my Jane Austen, and this adaptation of "Lady Susan" was so clever and witty, not to mention Xavier Samuel was in it and you know, my Aunty worked with him and all so we're basically dating.
  5. Risen
    Generally Hollywood well, Hollywoodises biblical stories but this one was done really well, there was no magic or mythical creatures, it was just told as it should be from the point of view of a non-believer and I thought it was very clever. Not to mention Joseph Fiennes and Tom Felton ❤️
  6. Florence Foster Jenkins
    This is such a sweet film, you will develop abs from laughing so much and if you're anything like me you'll cry your eyes out anytime a soldier presents himself on screen. Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep are to die for and Simon Helberg was brilliant, so strange seeing him as anything other than Howard!
  7. Me Before You
    To be honest I thought I was going to hate this film when mum dragged me to it but I actually very much enjoyed it. Despite the depressing backstory, Emilia Clark fills the screen with colour and joy, she's so adorably funny!
  8. Finding Dory
    I was a little bit scared going into see this, my standards were fairly high after Finding Nemo but I'm happy to say that I enjoyed this thoroughly! It was suspenseful, funny, heartwarming, heartbreaking, all the things you need to make a good film!
  9. Ben-Hur
    I didn't know much about Ben-Hur going in, never seen the original or researched the story, but knowing that Jack Huston and Toby Kebbell were staring in it was enough for me and again, it had everything in it! Suspense, humour, heartwarming, heartbreaking.
  10. Bridget Jones's Baby
    Okay, sooo I wasn't entirely impressed by the first half of Bridget Jones's Baby, but the second half made up for it completely. There was too much trashy "humour" at the start, I'm sorry but I don't find kids swearing all that hilarious 💁🏽 by the second half things were starting to feel more like the original two and Colin Firth please have my babies or I'll have yours or whatever.