The Austen characters of the Marvel Universe

It's no secret I love Marvel and I love Jane Austen so I'm embarking on a mission to find the Austen characters in the Marvel Universe!
  1. Bucky Barnes - The Mr. Darcy
    Both are quiet and enigmatic, they're the "wounded victims" yet at first glance come off as the villain. Generally misunderstood and taken to be cold, yet a heart of gold lies under their icy exterior.
  2. Black Widow - The Elizabeth Bennet
    They're both absolute kick-ass women who aren't afraid to speak their minds. Careful, calculating and intelligent, they know what they want and what they have to do to get it. They don't shy away from a fight and stand up for what they believe in, even if it takes a while for that to show, and they ultimately end up with the Bucky/Darcy.
  3. Captain America - The Captain Wentworth/ Colonel Brandon
    He'd wait 100 years for you, or die trying to get you back. An old soul who stands up for what he believes in and won't back down no matter what people say. Reliable, loyal, honest and true, he's the man you'd want to marry.
  4. Iron Man - The Willoughby
    Very loveable, very naughty. While both characters mean well, they are their own worst enemy, the troubles they find themselves in are 90% of the time self inflicted. They are playboys and enjoy the attention, but both regret their bad decision making, while Willoughby doesn't do much about it, Tony always tries to fix his past actions. The irony of this is that Willoughby is played by Dominic Cooper who was Howard Stark in Captain America 😂
  5. Hawkeye - The Mr. Tilney
    Mr. Tilney is an excellent brother, and Clint always seems to take on the nurturing/brotherly role, whether it be with Natasha or Wanda. He's sarcastic and funny, brutally honest, warm and gentle. He was a hard one to pick but I think Tilney suits him well.
  6. The Falcon - The Colonel Fitzwilliam
    Always up for some fun. Cheeky and easy to get along with, yet can be serious when the hour calls for it and won't hesitate to stand up for what he believes in. Patriotic and loyal, he's a true friend and a fierce warrior.
  7. Vision - The Mr. Bingley/Edward Ferrars
    Your bumbling Englishman, doesn't always say the right things, can come off as a bit of a dork but it's generally due to shyness.
  8. Scarlet Witch - The Catherine Morland
    This was a hard one, but I feel that both Wanda and Catherine are wide eyed and tentative, being in the big bad world. They have people pulling them in different directions and telling them what they should and shouldn't believe and so I think they sort of go together.