That DIDN'T happen, leaving me disappointed and unfulfilled.
  1. After being arrested for setting subway trash on fire (in order to make money to get to Long Island) Winston and Nick are arrested by Charles.
  2. Winston tries to explain that he is a cop and attempts to pull his badge out but all he produces are photos of him and Ferguson.
  3. Upon being detained at the Nine Nine precinct, Winston and Jake get into a massive fight over whether the LAPD or NYPD was better.
    And it would go down a little something like this ^^
  4. When the others turn up at the precinct to sort everything out, things get even more chaotic.
  5. Schmidt, who becomes somewhat obsessed with Terry and his muscles, tries to prove himself by taking part in Terry's workout routine.
    The Douche Jar is reintroduced because of this.
  6. While Jess is stuck sorting paperwork with Gina (and getting nowhere fast) -
  7. Nick starts telling Charles about his new book. Out of nowhere he produces a copy and Charles is more than pleased to read it, Nick writes in character based on Charles. They talk about food and exchange numbers. They plan to co-write a cook book together.
  8. Rosa starts bullying Cece about not being a prepared wife.
    Cece gets defensive and argues that while she's married, Rosa is only engaged and doesn't know anything about marriage.
  9. Captain Holt finds the situation mildly amusing but decides it's time to get everything back in order.
  10. Having spent all their money on getting to the precinct, Jess calls Coach to pick them up.
  11. Or something to that effect 💁🏽