1. When I accidentally said I was a girl in Spanish in elementary school.
  2. Bragging next to my crush that "girls love guys who can draw," then aggressively drawing things.
  3. Wearing a hoodie with a Chinese dragon graphic on it, then sitting in class and drawing the graphic in my notebook over and over.
  4. Wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt from Hot Topic despite having never listened to them.
  5. Doing parkour and taking it seriously.
  6. Crying when my nice lovely mom got me slippers for Hanukkah.
  7. Wearing a straw trilby while working security at Urban Outfitters.
  8. Getting compliments on said trilby and feeling very self-satisfied about it.
  9. When my mom walked in on me doing a "book report."
  10. Doing illustrations for Magic: the Gathering cards I'd made up.
  11. Very drunkenly telling a girl I was flirting with that comedians are "good with their tongues."