Feel free to suggest! Bleeds into stand-up pretty heavily.
  1. (Example of non-adult behavior) because I'm an adult.
  2. Something tasting/smelling like sadness or other emotions.
  3. (Something gross/unattractive.) Anyways, SO I'M SINGLE
  4. I'm doing this thing*. *totally different thing
  5. Anything about Netflix
  6. "Quote" - no one ever (this is kinda gone now anyways)
  7. If you (some sort of slightly strange behavior) you're a serial killer. (Or sociopath.)
  8. "So I guess that's a thing."
    Suggested by @chris
  9. if it's nonsense in lowercase wiht spelling mistaeks it's automatically funny no need for an actual joke
    Suggested by @chris
  10. Because [noun].
    Suggested by @mattselman