1. Freshmen year of college. Notice my room key dangling from my hair elastic. The epitome of class.
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  2. Back when Uggs were everything. And apparently so were camera crotch shots.
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  3. Drunk on an inflatable raft, whale-watching in Cabo. I stand by this facial expression though: WHO WHALE-WATCHES ON A RINKY-DINK RAFT??
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  4. Me and my BFF down the Cape. Some things never change (but thank God my weight did).
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  5. Gibbs' basement. 'Nuff said.
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  6. College. Hey, my eyes are up here!
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  7. A walk (of shame) to remember.
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  8. Drinking beer and smoking cigars in Aruba. A middle-aged man or a 21-year-old woman?
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  9. At my ex-boyfriend's party. Destroying his bathroom (yep, that's a curtain rod I ripped down off the wall).
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  10. 4th of July party in Connecticut. Taking a nap.....
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