1. Freshmen year of college. Notice my room key dangling from my hair elastic. The epitome of class.
  2. Back when Uggs were everything. And apparently so were camera crotch shots.
  3. Drunk on an inflatable raft, whale-watching in Cabo. I stand by this facial expression though: WHO WHALE-WATCHES ON A RINKY-DINK RAFT??
  4. Me and my BFF down the Cape. Some things never change (but thank God my weight did).
  5. Gibbs' basement. 'Nuff said.
  6. College. Hey, my eyes are up here!
  7. A walk (of shame) to remember.
  8. Drinking beer and smoking cigars in Aruba. A middle-aged man or a 21-year-old woman?
  9. At my ex-boyfriend's party. Destroying his bathroom (yep, that's a curtain rod I ripped down off the wall).
  10. 4th of July party in Connecticut. Taking a nap.....