Inspired by @brimattia
  1. I was a weird, little kid.
  2. Age 3 or 4, Walt Disney's Peter Pan. Yup, I crushed on a cartoon character.
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  3. Age 5, Drooper, (the lion), from the Banana Splits.
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  4. Age 6, Jimmy from HR Puff'n' Stuff.
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  5. Age 6.5, Jimmy Homer, a real, live boy from my 1st grade class. He brought me flowers he picked pretty regularly.
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  6. Age, 6.5, David Cassidy as he appeared on The Partridge Family.
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    This one was serious, I often wrote "Elizabeth Cassidy" on my notebooks in preparation for when we would marry.
  7. Age 7, the cartoon, not the real-life, Michael Jackson.
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  8. Age 8, an older boy from camp. He was probably 12.
  9. Age 11, Greg Danforth, a boy in my 5th grade class. My friends and I liked to prank call him at our slumber parties.
  10. Age 12, George Harrison, as he appeared in the gatefold of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
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    I think I wrote, "Elizabeth Harrison," on my notebooks, in preparation for our inevitable wedding day.
  11. I think that's about it. I ended up marrying my handsome hubby and opting to keep my own last name.
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    That's my hub with our wee grandson, Finnegan.