Inspired by @daydreamer Please feel free to chime in with your own opinions/ impressions about these states.
  1. Massachusetts
    I was born and raised here, for the most part, except for a brief stint in upstate NY when I was a baby.
  2. New Hampshire
    Moved here when I was in 8th grade and absolutely hated it.
  3. Vermont
    A good respite from NH.
  4. Maine
    Most of the paternal side of my family are Downeasters.
  5. Rhode Island
    Great place to live unless you're a high school student.
  6. Delaware
    A great aunt lived here. I have dim memories.
  7. Florida
    Hated this place, but perhaps it's time I give it another chance. Terrible climate to have naturally curly hair.
  8. Illinois
    Was only here briefly on a layover.
  9. Minnesota
    A very progressive place. Did my Master's here. Mostly liked it except for the brutal winters, which lasted 8-9 months. Chunks of ice could still be seen floating on the lakes in June.
  10. North Dakota
    No real reason to go to this cultural abyss.
  11. South Dakota
    Go, see the Badlands and the Black Hills, then leave because you saw all there is.
  12. Idaho
    Passed through on a long drive. This state is seemingly endless. The Western part is beautiful.
  13. Montana
    See above. Same applies.
  14. New Mexico
    A train I took from San Diego to North Dakota inexplicably took a route that passed through here. Still have no idea why.
  15. California
    Mostly loved it here. Got to be an active part of the So Cal punk scene, circa 1982-1988. Circle Jerks, GBH, Black Flag, Battalion of Saints...
  16. Washington
    Was only here briefly.
  17. Arizona
    Went camping along the Colorado River here. Entered a "Hot Legs" contest and won $100 and a trophy. Red ants.
  18. New York
    Love this whole place. My Dad lived in Chenango County for a while, which looks like a Currier and Ives print.