Well @stars, it's like this:
  1. Once upon time, back in the days of My Space,
  2. a fellow asked me out.
  3. He asked if we could "meat" for tea.
  4. Now, I was an English prof at the time,
  5. so he did not get the date.
  6. I liked the way the words looked together, though.
  7. They almost made a palindrome, but not quite.
  8. One day, in our office on campus, my dear friend and colleague turned to me and said,
  9. "We should start a literary magazine."
  10. To which I sagely replied, "Uh, ok."
  11. We decided to name it Meat for Tea: The Valley Review.
  12. And there you have it.
  13. You can see me explain all of this and find out more here: