This is going to be a long list. My husband is a sound engineer and we both collect vinyl. I'd estimate we have about 2,000 albums and twice that many CDs in our collection. I may need to approach this by genre.
  1. Holiday in Cambodia/ The Dead Kennedys
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  2. Big Woman/ GBH
  3. Bodies/ Sex Pistols
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  4. I Need Lunch/ The Dead Boys
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  5. Antiworld/ Nina Hagen
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  6. Institutionalized/ Suicidal Tendencies
    Fun fact: I drank Meister Brau backstage with these guys.
  7. Oh Bondage, Up Yours/ X-Ray Specs
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  8. The Goo Goo Muck/ The Cramps
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  9. Johnny Hit and Run Pauline/ X
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