My babies, and now my grandbabies, were all chubby cheeked guys. Hence, the inspiration behind many of these monikers.
  1. Weebee weebee weebil rocker.
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    For my son, whose cheeks were so chubby they'd pull him over when he first tried to sit up. The picture is my son, a few years ago, with his own chubby cheeked daughter.
  2. Madebink.
    For my daughter, Madeleine.
  3. Binkers.
    See above.
  4. Erincakes.
    For my baby daughter, Erin.
  5. Cakers.
    See above.
  6. Chubbapple.
    Because baby Erin had such chubby cheeks.
  7. Beep Marie.
    I was probably reading too much Beat writing at this time.
  8. Beepers.
    Derivative of Beep Marie.
  9. Honey Bunchkin.
    For my chubby cheeked grandson.
  10. That's him.
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  11. Baby me. I suppose you could say there is a legacy of chubby cheeked babes in this family.
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