Inspired by @ListPrompts I had a period that nearly took me off the planet.
  1. I suffer from Von Willebrands disease, a bleeding disorder.
  2. In June of 2011 I had a period, like I normally do.
  3. This one was heavy, which is also pretty typical for me.
  4. However this one was too heavy.
  5. I was hemorrhaging.
  6. For days I just bled and bled.
  7. By the third day, my skin was white and my lips were blue, so I called my gyno.
  8. They were pretty casual about this state of affairs and told me to just come in for an office visit in a couple of days if the bleeding did not subside.
  9. My husband brought me to the ER instead.
  10. I had an hgh of only 5.2.
  11. The attending physician said this level was not compatible with life.
  12. I was given four bags of blood.
  13. Later I underwent Novasure surgery so I would stop having deadly periods.
  14. I subsequently switched gynecologists.