The Top Ten Movies of All Time, According to Me 🎥

Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. After Hours directed by Martin Scorsese.
    This is a hilarious dark comedy where one seemingly harmless false move leads to a series of escalating events.
  2. Rare Exports
    This darkly humorous Finnish film will become your new Christmas favorite. It's stunning and so much fun.
  3. Drowning by Numbers directed by Peter Greenaway.
    A gorgeous film with games running throughout. Worth multiple views.
  4. Grey Gardens directed by the Maysles brothers.
    This documentary about Jackie O's eccentric and reclusive relations charms while it horrifies, creating in the viewer a delightful cocktail of emotions.
  5. The Royal Tennenbaums by Wes Anderson.
    Picking a favorite Wes Anderson film a near impossible task. This one stands up to multiple views and never fails to delight.
  6. Pink Flamingos directed by John Waters
    A necessary bit of lowbrow mayhem from the king of the cult classic.
  7. Pee Wee's Big Adventure
    This film has it all, including the Alamo.
  8. Liquid Sky
    I probably watched this 157 times back in the day, a gender bending alien mind trip.
  9. Nuts in May directed by Mike Leigh
    Utterly hilarious.
  10. Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock
    Perhaps the perfect suspense film, visually arresting too.