This will be an industrial rock album with the occasional hip hop track. Think Beastie Boys, Cabaret Voltaire, and Ministry had a baby and this album is it. My band is Listers of Mercy. This album is called Listless. This is the promotional EP
  1. Listless
    A sad, Joy Divisiony track about wanting to make a list but being devoid of ideas.
  2. Admit it.
    A loud, aggro, but danceable number. Lyrics implore all list appers to just admit that whatever the subject matter of our lists, we're all actually just vying for BJ Novak's attention.
  3. Trended
    The hit single. The poppiest song on this album. Ebullient lyrics on the joy of having composed a trending list.
  4. Novak Never Noticed
    A gloomy, despairing, number about the ongoing angst of having your trending list go utterly unnoticed by @bjnovak
  5. Consolation
    Bitter edged hard driving tune but with happy lyrics about how @ChrisK relisted my list.