More appropriately, this should be called "things and people that make me happy."
  1. My 17 month old grandson, Finnegan.
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  2. My 9 week old grandson, Killian. Finnegan's little brother.
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  3. Finnegan and Killian together. That person holding them makes me happy too, my daughter Erin.
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  4. The babies in their matching Christmas sweaters.
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  5. My almost 7 year old granddaughter, Oona Poe.
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  6. My four year old granddaughter, Ramona.
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  7. Trips to cool museums with my handsome husband.
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  8. All the kids together, including my husband's son. Killian did not yet exist.
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  9. Baby Finn in his raincoat.
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  10. Baby Killian with his mama.
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