Things That That Make Me Happy, as Suggested by @holleym

More appropriately, this should be called "things and people that make me happy."
  1. My 17 month old grandson, Finnegan.
  2. My 9 week old grandson, Killian. Finnegan's little brother.
  3. Finnegan and Killian together. That person holding them makes me happy too, my daughter Erin.
  4. The babies in their matching Christmas sweaters.
  5. My almost 7 year old granddaughter, Oona Poe.
  6. My four year old granddaughter, Ramona.
  7. Trips to cool museums with my handsome husband.
  8. All the kids together, including my husband's son. Killian did not yet exist.
  9. Baby Finn in his raincoat.
  10. Baby Killian with his mama.