Titles of Books I Meant to Write or Started to Write

I've started and abandoned many projects, these are just the literary ones.
  1. The Art of Cooking Dangerously
    This one was inspired by the talent I have for injuring myself while cooking.
  2. S&M in the Kitchen
    Another cookbook inspired when I was trussing poultry.
  3. Single in Paradise: The Misadventures of a 21st Century MILF
    This one begins after a rough breakup which ended a seven year relationship. This recounts a three year period in which I indulged in lots of drinking and promiscuity.
  4. Here's How it's Funny: A Memoir
    In this I tell painful episodes from my life, always revealing the dark humor within them.
  5. The Casuals
    A reworking of Single in Paradise written more as a self help book targeted at newly single women of a certain age and extolling the healing powers of sleeping with a fair number of much younger lovers.