1. Punny hallmark cards
  2. Inside Out
  3. My favorite song on the radio every time I got in my car
  4. Finding out my car's brakes are shot but not doing anything about them
  5. Phone calls with good people
  6. How excited my dog was to see me when I got home
  7. Free beef tips
  8. Seeing "ruin your lipstick not your mascara" on a pillowcase
  9. Seeing an 75+ year old woman checking out the 50 shades of grey book
  10. My mom letting me take a nap, despite needing my help
  11. Getting to see my niece and nephews
  12. My phone trying to auto correct niece to Bruce
  13. Moving to Texas tomorrow
  14. My dog regularly using me as a pillow
  15. Going on dates with cute boys
  16. High school reunions with only the people I care about from high school
  17. Waking up warm and feeling rested
  18. Knowing there are chocolate chip muffins waiting for me in the kitchen
  19. The guy at DSW gave me an extra discount on my sock purchase