Wide & Varied
  1. Gossamer by Passion Pit
    I have been listening to this CD on repeat for at least a month.
  2. La vie Boheme from Rent
    To going against the grain, going insane, going mad.
  3. Rich Girl by Hall & Oates
  4. Jack's Mannequin
    Especially People & Things
  5. Black Widow by Iggy Azalea
    Current favorite in my workout class. Also can relate to the beginning of the music video because serving a rude customer in a restaurant in the story of my life.
  6. Worth It by Fifth Harmony
    Sort of a guilty pleasure. Can't help but dance to it!
  7. One More Month by Macklemore ft Ed Sheeran
    The only sad thing is Macklemore doesn't know Lorraine Hansburry wrote Raisin in the Sun.
  8. Power of Two by the Indigo Girls
    Obsessed. Probably my most listened song of 2015.