But I won't, because making recommendations is basically my love language. To share the love (and make sure my friends don't feel "over loved") I made this list of my current favs.
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    Nuzzel (App) 🤓
    I just started using Nuzzel to keep up with news on Twitter. Rather than looking through a bunch of tweets to find relevant articles, the app shows me relevant articles based on how many and which of my friends tweeted about them. If you use Twitter primarily for consuming content... this will be your new favorite app.
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    Pod Save America (Podcast) 🇺🇸
    I plan my running workouts around the Pod Save America (and Pod Save the World) schedule. Pod Save America is "a no-bullshit conversation about politics" hosted by former Obama staffers. It comes out twice a week and in each episode they go through what's happening in the country explaining it in a way that I actually understand and is fun to listen to.
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    Headspace (App) 🙏🏼
    This app has helped me create a mostly consistent 10-15 min daily mindfulness habit. Andrew Puddicombe (the founder) helps you apply meditation to your real life, guides you through the practice, AND HE HAS AN ACCENT. Their free "Take 10" program is the perfect way to give meditation and Headspace a try.
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    Dear Evan Hansen (Musical) 🎶
    I saw Dear Evan Hansen in New York and I laughed and cried and laugh cried through the whole thing. If you are a human person, you will feel this story. Side story: My Dad asked me to narrate the soundtrack on our drive to AZ and I almost died of excitement... I believe I said something like, "THIS IS MY DREAM!" I will never be cool.
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    Space (App) ✌🏼
    Space attempts to address digital addiction by breaking the dopamine loop. It creates new icons for the apps you want more control over. Before launching those apps, Space shows you this 👆🏼screen with guided breathing giving you a minute to decide if you really wanted to open that app in the first place. If you do, no problem. If you don't, go on with what's important to you.
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    Born a Crime by Trevor Noah (Book) ❤
    I love Trevor Noah. I think he's smart, funny, and incredibly talented... and this book still caught me by surprise. He tells his story in a way that teaches you more about your own story and about the world. I read a little of this book every time I want to reclaim my love for humanity and to laugh of course.
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    (Vegan) Bulletproof Coffee ☕️
    I had never tried bulletproof coffee before because of the butter, but I recently stumbled upon a butter-free version and it has basically changed my life. No more coffee crash. I repeat: No. More. Coffee. Crash. The recipe: coffee, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp raw cacao, and 2 tbsp cashew milk all blended together.
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    BONUS: Why Men Love Bitches (Book) 😻
    I have never read this book, but I have been recommending it. This is not completely unusual. A friend told me about it recently and I have been telling people my own version of it ever since. I realized after looking into the book that my version isn't really accurate. This book is about dating. My version is basically a recap of my decision to not check social media while I'm working. Close enough.