I've been a personal chef for one family for the last 8 years. I'm leaving next month, and their oldest is leaving for Copenhagen to study abroad. He wants to learn to cook a few simple and delicious meals, so immediately I thought of @gabimoskowitz and her gorgeous cast iron chicken and sweet potatoes.
  1. Teaching him how to hold a knife was interesting. Watching him hold a wooden spatula as though it weighed one hundred pounds was hilarious. He's 6'5" and a boxer, which only added to the hilarity.
  2. He dropped half of the sweet potatoes onto an unsuspecting Hubble, who didn't seem to mind
  3. I snapped him cooking because he wouldn't let me take a picture to send his parents.
  4. We talked about me leaving and how weird it was going to be. We spent the time laughing and throwing food at each other and having utensil sword fights. He's 20, and I'm about to turn 30, but I swear we're both 9 when we're together.
  5. Here's our finished product. He wanted to add kale so it could be a "one pot wonder". He was really proud of what he'd made.
  6. So thank you, Gabi, and thanks @list. This will forever be one of my favorite days.