Get your ass to the table
  1. Hangover brunch
    Lots of make ahead options bc duh. Probs not going to want to wake up at 5 am to start everything from scratch
  2. Big batch cocktails
    There's a time and a place for muddling mint for each hand crafted cocktail, but wouldn't it be easier as a host to simply lead guests to a charming bucket of something delicious?
  3. Pinterest worthy dinner party menus and tablescapes
    Shit you can post on insta to make people super jealous of your domestic prowess
  4. Reset/healthyshmealthy/eatyourvegetables
    Salads that you don't wish were pizza
  5. Party foods
    Canapé/crostini/skewer/dip type things for the occasions we often find ourselves in. Game night, Super Bowl party, Scandal Thursday's, you get what I'm saying. Plus lots of options for stuff that travels well
  6. Food for when you want to impress people
    Date night? Meeting the parents, client dinners. Simple meals that only look super fancy and complicated
  7. Sweet tooth ish
    I still don't like desserts, but Nannys oatmeal cookies are a gift from the baby J and must be shared with the world.