Couples Whose Breakup would Devastate Me Way More Than The Jolie-Splitt

Inspired by @shanaz
  1. Felicity and Bill
    Frank Gallagher on Shameless is the worst but I believe their love is true.
  2. Leslie and Nicolette
    I mean - this hotness scorches the earth.
  3. Keri and Matthew
    I have loved her since Felicity Porter Was Here and if she's not going to end up with Scott Speedman then this fine Welshman will do. I just need her to be happy.
  4. Samira and Lauren
  5. Jasmine and Anthony
    Young Broadway love yes please.
  6. Audra and Will
    They're having a baby and I am invested.
  7. Laura and Patrick
    Broadway legend but also seemingly a refreshingly normal person. Third marriage. Also have a baby coming. Heavily invested.
  8. Marin and Jason
    Another Broadway power couple. She is currently going through ovarian cancer which makes her my sister in addition to basically an idol to me as a star. She is one of the greatest of the stage of all time and I am sending her light. Their love is beautiful. Phew! Getting heavy for a moment here. But it's from the heart.
  9. Anna and Chris
    She always calls him "my sweet husband Chris" on her podcast and I am in.
  10. Ronna and Beverly
    The human condition must not apologize for itself. Saw them live in Brooklyn this summer and am still not over it. They give me life. That is all.
  11. Sterling and Ryan
    He thanked her in his Emmy speech as "the hottest chick in the game" and I am HERE FOR IT.
  12. Sarah and Michael
    Yes. Also her memoir The Bedwetter is very wonderful.
  13. Sarah and Holland
    Extremely extreme goddesses.
  14. Melanie and Jason
    Ahhhhhh I love them.
  15. Kristen and Dax
    Deeply need this to be true and everlasting.
  16. Lena and Jack
  17. Emily and John
    Dear God please.
  18. Bosephus and Jandana
  19. Vanessa and Lin-Manuel
    Best of wives and best of women.