Mirror mirror on the wall

I am a white mom raising a black child. He is 16 months old. Every day I am trying to be more "woke" and recently I had a come to Jesus with myself about the walls of our house, which were decorated by me long before he arrived, and the faces he sees looking back at him.
  1. White.
    My grandparents & great-grandparents, all dead. What will these faces mean to him? Probably not much...soon we shall replace these with photos of him growing up and people and places he knows.
  2. White.
    The artist George Rodrigue is dear to us in this state and my parents gave this to me for high school graduation. White.
  3. Old WWII poster.
    Belonged to my ex's grandmother. Dig it, but white.
  4. This old album cover.
    Way white. And probably inappropriate to boot.
  5. White
    My favorite animated film — The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore — made by Moonbot, a Louisiana studio. Won the Oscar for best animated short. It is beautiful and magical and I want to share it with him when he's old enough to watch movies — but, white.
  6. Old movie poster.
    My nickname when I was younger was Lou and I have always loved this poster. White!
  7. Some things on the walls have no faces.
    Like this map of Louisiana.
  8. Or these random birds.
    Hanging in the kitchen.
  9. Or this map of New York.
    The best city besides New Orleans and where I want to take him to see some Broadway shows. His first soundtrack was Hamilton and I am so glad it was born the same year he was. He starts to dance every time he hears the voice of Daveed Diggs.
  10. Or his little milestone painting.
    Haven't updated this in a while.
  11. Or this print.
    Made by my favorite local artist, Madeline of Mimosa, which hangs in his room. ☀️
  12. Or these tiny paper baby things.
    Made by a family friend who makes amazing art out of paper.
  13. And this.
    Art project he did at "school."
  14. Or these beach photos.
    One from the day I was diagnosed with cancer and one from the trip I took when I finished treatment. My sister gave me these as "bookends" of that chapter of my life and I love them very much.
  15. Or this map of the world.
    Which I would give him if I could.
  16. And this.
    (He is. It's true.)
  17. But this old sheet music ...
    Suuuper white.
  18. Love it ...
    ... But real white.
  19. I want to give him mirrors on our walls.
    Starting with things like this.
  20. And this.
    (Found on Etsy and now hanging in his room.)
  21. And this.
    Watercolor King - also from Etsy.
  22. And this.
    Our local paper's front page the morning after Election Day 2008. The morning this was published I stopped at the local grocery store to buy cake for those of us at work who wanted to celebrate. The old man bagging my groceries said, "It's a good day for America. No, it's a good day for the world!" 🇺🇸
  23. His room has books with kids who look like him.
    But needs more.
  24. I know that he needs mirrors who are people and who are community and family and who fill his world and that Etsy and books and all of this household "stuff" isn't enough.
    And nothing ever will be.
  25. But it's a start.
    And I'll never stop. I love you buddy. I want to do right by you. You are the best and the mostest.