Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva
  1. My first boyfriends
    River Phoenix (RIP) and Wil Wheaton in Stand By Me.
  2. My newest boyfriend
    Sterling K. Brown, AKA the real deal.
  3. My boyfriend
    Aidan Turner. As vampire, not Poldark.
  4. My boyfriend
    Daveed Diggs. Yep.
  5. My boyfriend
    Anthony Andrews in The Scarlet Pimpernel. Very here for this in the early 1980s and now.
  6. My boyfriend
    Wade from Hart of Dixie. Southern shirtless boyfriend.
  7. My boyfriend
    Norm Lewis. Listen to his version of Before the Parade Passes By and he will be your boyfriend too.
  8. My boyfriend
    John Cho, obviously.
  9. My boyfriend
    James McAvoy in the original British TV series Shameless. His chemistry with his then future real life wife was unreal. They are now divorced and this makes me so sad. Oh boyfriend.
  10. My boyfriend
    Lip on the American Shameless. Absolutely not proud, but: boyfriend.
  11. My boyfriend
    Brandon Victor Dixon. Broadway's new Aaron Burr. Saw him in Shuffle Along and he was so dreamy that he became my instant boyfriend.
  12. My boyfriend
    Nathan Fillion as Captain Malcolm Reynolds. Otherwise known as Captain Tightpants.
  13. My boyfriend
    Scott Speedman. Team Ben, yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  14. My boyfriend
    Dwayne Wayne breaking up Whitley's wedding to Byron Douglas YES FOREVER MY BOYFRIEND.
  15. My boyfriends
    Miranda and Groff. Eternal love.
  16. My boyfriends
    I'm sorry. It's true.