1/5/16 Edition
  1. The scariest thing I've ever seen is the look in the eyes of students wearing leather jackets & flood jeans when the professor says that you can come in and chat with them about ANYTHING during their office hours
  2. Why did wearing high heels seem like a good idea 2 people when deciding what 2 wear today?
  3. Wanted 2 ask 2 cute boys where they got their Nikes/Adidas and if they came in women's sizes
  4. Wanted to put a cute boy's beautiful hair into a nice bun
  5. UVU's hallways are lined with chairs and people are always sitting in them & it's basically like a runway wherever you go & it's really exhausting walking like a model for that long
    I guess this explains point #2
  6. Wow it's 9am and Sodalicious is open but wow no one is there is it unacceptable for me to buy a drink this early should I stop too late I've strutted past it
  7. My professor makes us move our desks into a circle everyday and it's 8am and life can't get much worse
  8. Two freshmen gals are eating up every loud word of "advice" this girl (that most likely comments on YouTube videos) says & I hope we can all pray for them
  9. My professor has a horrible melt in her hair. It looks like she dipped her beautiful brown hair into liquified yellow Cheetos if that makes sense
  10. I wish everyone's Twitter ranking/status could be projected above their head wherever they go. It would clear up a lot/ give me more street cred/dates
  11. Loud film class girl asked who Spike Lee was and I turned into a salmon
  12. I just want Jubilee to get in a physical altercation with Lace and the Twins on the Bachelor