1. I just got off work. It's been a long day.
  2. For the past 4 hours I've been taking and logging a hotline call from a trafficking victim.
  3. She was trapped for years. And ignored.
  4. Everywhere she turned for help, she was made out to be a crazy whore.
    As if either of those should disqualify her from getting help.
  5. She cried a lot.
  6. You don't know, Driver.
  7. I'm trying to remind myself. But it's hard.
  8. Your radio is playing a song glamorizing commercial sex.
  9. It is the last thing I want to hear right now.
  10. And it's not censored... Great.
  11. Every time he says "fuck" I cringe.
  12. "I'm fuckin' you, girl."
    I wonder how many times she pretended to love those words.
  13. "I'm fuckin' you tonight"
    I wonder how many times these words were used as a threat of violence against her.
  14. "I'm fuckin' you, girl"
    I wonder how many times she begged to never hear those words again.
  15. If I hear one more word of this song I might throw up.
  16. "Excuse me, can you turn the radio off?"
  17. I'm angry but I'm trying not to be. My voice cracks.
  18. You don't understand me.
  19. "Sorry, I said can you turn the radio off?"
  20. I sound so nice. I hate that.
  21. Why do I need you to think I'm nice?
  22. I'm angry.
  23. And the voice cracking thing makes me angrier.
  24. I hate that I feel angry.
  25. I hate that I hate that I feel angry.
  26. It's okay to be a non-nice, angry woman!
  27. Ugh! Why is this such a crappy night?
  28. I know you didn't know, Driver.
  29. But still.
  30. 4 stars.
  31. But just this once. After all, I am nice.
  32. Just maybe not tonight.