Sometimes I wonder how I had friends...
  1. At gatherings with multiple families I preferred to hang out with the adults.
    Choice between kid games and adult conversation? Adult conversation basically every time.
  2. I refused to talk badly about my friends' parents.
    I thought kids should be respectful of their parents and me talking poorly about friends' parents wasn't helping them be respectful.
  3. I never tried to sneak out of the house.
    The idea that that would be fun was totally foreign to me.
  4. I played handbells for the school.
    I thought it was the coolest thing ever. We wore green bow ties and vests. I beamed with pride any time we played in public.
  5. I loved crocs.
    This is among my most shameful confessions. I owned several pairs, including two pair of fur lined sets for winter. I wore then basically every day.
  6. I did not want to date in high school.
    Once upon a time I was only willing to date with the intention of marriage which wasn't an option in high school. Maybe this is why I flirt like an awkward teenager as an adult.
  7. I went to debate camp.
    I was really serious about it and I loved it. It's also where I learned how to do the infamous debate pen flip. It was an important moment for me.
  8. I loved school
    One year I threw an actual school-is-starting-again celebration party. It was amazing.
  9. I didn't drink as a teenager and legitimately used the words, "drunk on life" on more than a few occasions.
    I used to get really overly excited and goofy at big group functions. People would legitimately ask if I was drunk and I would respond with the only response any true weirdo would give... "Drunk on life!" Side note: I may or may not still get really over excited at big group things. #extrovertproblems
  10. In middle school superlatives I won the title of "biggest whiner."
    And I was proud of it...
  11. I was obsessed with grammar. I would correct everyone around me all the time. I particularly honed in on the use of good vs. well.
    Friends actually had to bribe me to get me to stop. I was the worst.