This January you might be thinking that you want to donate to anti-trafficking work, but you just aren't sure where to start. Here are some really great anti-trafficking orgs I'm sure would love those dollars!
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    Polaris is one of the largest domestic anti-trafficking non-profits. They currently manage the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline, started the BEFREE anti-trafficking text line, and spearheaded the Global Human Trafficking Hotline Network (among a number of other projects). Donate:
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    Truckers Against Trafficking
    TAT runs a national campaign that educates truckers, truck stop employees, and trucking industry stakeholders to recognize and report human trafficking. They have been nationally and internationally recognized for their innovation and excellence in the anti-trafficking field. Donate:
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    Vital Voices
    Vital Voices is a global organization that works to support and amplify the voices of women around the world by investing in human rights programs, economic empowerment, and women's political and public leadership. Their work includes important anti-trafficking programs that help protect women in vulnerable situations. Donate:
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    Coalition of Immokalee Workers
    CIW is a Florida-based organization that works to prevent labor violations in agriculture. Thanks to their tireless efforts, huge strides have been made to end trafficking and they have been particularly effective in prevention of violations for tomato crop workers! Donate:
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    Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST)
    CAST is a California-based anti-trafficking organization that provides direct services and assistance to trafficking survivors. They also do great work mobilizing communities to identify trafficking, respond to it, and support trafficking survivors. Donate:
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    Texas RioGrande Legal Aid
    TRLA is a Texas-based organization that provides free legal representation to migrant workers who have experienced labor violations and human trafficking. In addition to providing services in Texas they also assist victims in KY, TN, AL, MS, LA, and AR. The hard work of their attorneys who specialize in human trafficking helps ensure that victims receive the representation they often desperately need. Donate:
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    Girls Educational and Mentoring Services (GEMS)
    GEMS is a survivor-led organization located in New York. They have been consistently recognized for their leadership in the anti-trafficking industry and for making significant and lasting differences in lives of survivors of domestic minor sex trafficking. They work to elevate the voices of survivors and have made specific note of the need for intersectionality in the field. Donate:
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    Centro de los Derechos del Migrante (Center for Migrant Rights)
    CDM is based out of Mexico but provides transnational services to the US. Their work aims to overcome the problems faced by individuals whose experiences do not fit into the borders of one country so that they can still receive services and support. Donate:
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    Chrysalis Anti-Human Trafficking Network
    Chrysalis is headquartered in Canada but also provides services to sex trafficking victims in the US. Their services include trauma-informed counseling (which they can sometimes conveniently perform over the phone) and training and technical support to local entities. Donate:
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    Tahirih Justice Center
    While Tahirih does not explicitly focus on human trafficking, they are a really great organization working on the issue of forced and child marriage in the United States (which I consider a trafficking adjacent issue). They provide research and education on the topic and provide assistance to immigrant women and girls facing marriages they do not want. Donate:
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    I absolutely could have added more, but I wanted to keep the list small and manageable while still including a few organizations with which you might not be familiar.
    If you want to learn more about other anti-trafficking organizations or find one close to you, check out this referral directory for the US ( or the Global Modern Slavery Directory (