1. How truly bad I am at directions
  2. How quickly a phone dies in navigation mode
  3. How thankful I am that cleaning up roadkill is not my job
  4. That those weird highway exit ramps that switch the flow of traffic exist.
    And how hard they are to navigate when you stumble upon them.
  5. How oddly satisfying it is to slip your shoes off mid road trip
  6. How great it is to blast music with no headphones and to sing along with embarrassingly little skill
  7. The strange familiarity of driving a route you used to drive often but have since forgotten
  8. The internal tension created by wanting to drive faster but not wanting to get a ticket
  9. The gut wrenching feeling you get when you hear sirens and the wave of relief when you realize they're part of the song on the radio
  10. How hard it is to decide whether or not to stop at that yellow light you're approaching
  11. How infuriating it is to get stuck behind someone who insists on driving below the speed limit
  12. How many Relient K song lyrics are permanently embedded in my memory