1. What 401K really means
  2. How to ignore social media ignorance
    Just when you think you're above it, a particularly enraging post rears its ugly head.
  3. How to find missing things with the skill of my mother
    I've accepted it will probably never happen.
  4. How to apply eye liner
    It will always be a mystery.
  5. How to drive a stick shift gracefully
    My brother tried to teach me when he was 15 and I was 20... It didn't stick. Pun very much intended.
  6. How to pack the appropriate amount of clothing for a given trip
    "But what if I don't WANT to wear any of the other 4 outfit options I packed for this 2 day trip?"
  7. How Nicholas Cage landed roles on SO MANY movies
    I'm not sure anyone really knows.
  8. What I want to be when I grow up.
    Turns out even the grown ups don't know.
  9. How people travel the world with a tiny budget.
    They all say it's easy. Why can't I figure out how to do it???
  10. What it's like to be in love.
    Getting serious. I haven't ever been in love. I can't even really imagine it.
  11. Why people like Alec Baldwin.
    Less serious. But still a point of real confusion in my life.
  12. Even one reason why people listen to Dr. Phil
  13. Escrow.
    Suggested by @ashlee