It's been a long day... The list app has kept me sane.
  1. My Lyft driver asked me if the music was okay immediately upon my getting in the car. The only thing playing was commercials. I said yes. (Because what else do you do in that situation?) When music finally came on he changed the station.
  2. I discovered that Lyft has a "Bieber" option right now. If you select it you can get his album for half price and a $5 ride credit for your next ride.
    Is this the first time I've ever cared about Justin Bieber?
  3. While on delay for five hours in DC (due to my flight's cancelation) a man sitting next to me had cold Lo Mein noodles, skittles, and a diet coke for breakfast. It was 7:45am.
    The smell is exactly as bad as you're imagining.
  4. Immediately upon liftoff in DC, the little kid in the seat in front of me yelled "I can see Texas!"
  5. The stately looking, probably 40+-year-old man siting next to me on my first flight ordered a vodka orange juice and then proceeded to pull out his MacBook Air. What is he doing, you might ask? Watching Pitch Perfect.
    He didn't crack a single smile.
  6. Upon being rerouted to San Antonio mid flight due to weather the same little boy in front of me says, "I hate Antonio!"
    You and me both, kid.
  7. The ticketing agent in Houston corrected my pronunciation of my own last name.
    "Last name?" // "Gerrior" // "hmmm... Oh Jerrier." // 🙄 "yes"