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To the point that anything can really change the life of an otherwise unremarkable person with few real struggles.
  1. The Strokes- Is This It
    Absolute 10/10. This album's 15th birthday this week is what's prompting me to finally get this list out of my drafts. The Strokes in their prime, this album introduced me to my now favorite band with irresistible riffs, flawlessly interwoven dueling guitars, and Julian's smooth vocals. Effortlessly cool rock, as it should be. Discovering The Strokes is what led me to discover my own taste in music.
  2. Alabama Shakes- Sound & Color
    Wow. Just, wow. I am still blown away by the sheer force of Brittney's vocals and the brilliant, heart-wrenchingly smooth chords and changes in every song of this album. This album introduced me to the rest of roots-rock/blues universe, a genre I'd never been exposed to before and now adore. I jumped at the chance to see them live this summer and it was one of the best shows I've ever seen.
  3. Ben Folds Five- Whatever And Ever Amen
    A friend introduced me to Ben Folds in middle school, and I'm so glad he did. I latched onto this album for the groovy piano rock angst of "Song for the Dumped" and "Kate", but growing up, I grew to appreciate the mournful side of some tracks like "Brick" or "Cigarettes" that make this album a somehow perfect balance of groove and lyricism.
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I had nice, smooth, straight-ish hair until I hit puberty. It turned curly overnight and I'm still trying to figure it out. Sometimes talking to it makes me feel better.
  1. Please.
    This x1000. Sometimes all I can do is beg for a decent hair-day, the rest is up to the gods.
  2. Why can't you look like that?
    I get major curl-envy for girls (and guys, ex. sexy Jon Snow) with flawless curls.
  3. Grow, dammit.
    I've been trying to grow it out for two years now and I make such slow progress. It's Shrinkage, Jerry, SIGNIFICANT shrinkage.
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  1. We decide we need two pizzas.
  2. Dad wants sausage.
  3. No one else wants sausage because it is the pizza topping with the most rightful reasons to dislike, next to maybe mushrooms or anchovies.
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If you want to see some super weird gifs of the queen, you're in luck.
  1. I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing this one in my nightmares.
  2. Because who could be more gangsta.
  3. Oh shit, it's that bitch from Lost. Is her name Elizabeth too? Shoot.
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I don't have a band. Or any musical talent whatsoever. But if I did, I would have a lot of name ideas to choose from. Here's how my friends and I came up with a few of them and what I think these bands would sound like.
  1. Stuck in my Lungs
    From the time my friend had a nasty wet cough for about three months straight. Teenager post-punk with nearly intolerable whiney vocals.
  2. No Refunds
    Because any band I would be in would probably suck and it's only fair to let the fans know up front.
  3. Constant Bickering
    Dueling electric guitars and a killer bassline.
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