I don't have a band. Or any musical talent whatsoever. But if I did, I would have a lot of name ideas to choose from. Here's how my friends and I came up with a few of them and what I think these bands would sound like.
  1. Stuck in my Lungs
    From the time my friend had a nasty wet cough for about three months straight. Teenager post-punk with nearly intolerable whiney vocals.
  2. No Refunds
    Because any band I would be in would probably suck and it's only fair to let the fans know up front.
  3. Constant Bickering
    Dueling electric guitars and a killer bassline.
  4. Kismet
    Favorite word meaning destiny or fate. Something classier, like with huge string bass, but like, not used in a way you'd expect.
  5. Ice Nine
    Because Vonnegut is my hero and this would make the dopest angry/sad punk band ever.
  6. A Shiny Kinda Thing
    I found something on the ground once. It was shiny. Bland, sugary pop.
  7. Find the Face
    Sometimes you're just not sure where that thing gets to, you know? 90's grunge revival.
  8. Flame Retardant
    "Try not to burn the house down, okay?" "Nah, Mom, I'm like.... flame retardant." Noise rock.
  9. Drunk for Brunch
    One of my favorites. The logo would have to involve Kathy Lee and Hoda. Beachy shoegaze.
  10. indifferent stars
    For the extra-pretentious ska bands still trying to make it out there. Nothing matters. Life's a joke.
  11. Special Sauce
    Because a Big Mac just isn't a Big Mac without it. Experimental rap.
  12. Pocket Presents
    Like regular presents but 1000x creepier. I imagine at least five men with mustaches, all on acoustic guitars.
  13. Baby stapler/ Blended Babies
    I said these. These words escaped my mouth, in that order, for some reason. Death metal that's too inaccessible even for metalheads.
  14. Soggy Tart
    I spilled milk on my Pop Tart guys, get your heads out of the gutter. Shiny indie rock.
  15. Young Nuns
    I live in a Catholic dorm and had never seen a nun under fifty before. They exist. This would be an all-female band who all dress in habits and make slick covers of old gospel songs.
  16. Open Robe
    You can imagine. Deep South roots rock/country.
  17. TBD
    The underground of the underground EDM scene.