I'm sure you all have heard about North Carolina's recent controversy around House Bill 2. This bill forces transgender people to use the bathroom according to the gender they were assigned at birth, among other things. I live in a small city in North Carolina, and I thought I'd share my thoughts on being a North Carolinian amidst the HB2 mess.
  1. This bill does NOT reflect the opinions and sentiments of many North Carolinians.
    Sadly, though, some people in my state agree with this bill.
  2. HB2 makes the entire state look bad.
    On a recent trip to Chicago, I was asked where I am from. I sheepishly replied that I'm from North Carolina, wanting clarify that I don't support HB2. I didn't, but I felt ashamed of my state and our new reputation.
  3. HB2 is bad for our economy.
    Many companies, public figures, and performing artists are boycotting the state because of the bill.
  4. Victims are somehow made to look like bullies and attackers.
    Transgender people are attacked in restrooms because of their identities. Somehow, the governor is saying that they are the perpetrators of violence and assault.
  5. The Supreme Court is suing North Carolina because of this bill... And North Carolina is suing back. C'mon, NC.
  6. Please, please do not judge the people of North Carolina for this decision. We don't want this bill or its consequences.