I write this end of the year list to remember whats what
  1. My body works
    I need to try to live in my body more. To notice and be thankful. My legs move, me lungs work, my heart beats enough to keep every inch of me oxiginated and alive. Thank you finger for going where i want you to to write this.
  2. I am alive
    I am on planet earth. In a time where being a women and a jew doesnt warrant me a life of fear or certain death and persecution. Awsome.
  3. I have things that i like
    I have the ability to fill my life with things that make me smile and fill my mind with warm thoughts. I can look At beautiful paintings of things that don't exist, eat delicious food, listen to music that makes my heart beat slow and go places I've never been
  4. I can do stuff
    I am really good at some things! Doing them gives me pleasure! That's rare and amazing and a privilege
  5. I have people i love, who love me back
    Not much explanation is needed. You get it
  6. I am made of stars
    No matter how fat i think i am, how badly i wish i could be smarter, funnier, and just cooler, i know that my body is made from the molecules of a universe that collapsed into itself. I know no matter how successful i am or how much I accomplish in life, i will, like everybody else, will become the next perfect circle of existence