The things that keep me awake at night writing lists out of rage
  1. When you can tell its a wig.
  2. When people don't interrupt each other. Ever!
  3. 35 year old moms to 25 year old dudes who play high school seniors
  4. When we see 'photos' of someone and it's clearly their professional headshot.
  5. American productions of non american neratives, inexplicably in english (almost allways w a german accent regardless of the actual country)
  6. When we see home movies or video on screen that is a scene from the movie
  7. The lack of showering, eating of actual food (talking about dinner doesn't count), and how completely skinny gorgeous fit characters never go to the gym or work out in any way
  8. No one ever gets sick unless it advances the plot
  9. When charachters are made up with flawless makeup and blow dried hair like they are going to the met gala every day
  10. When everyone in the movie whispers!
    Usually done for dramatic effect, but it's just annoying
    Suggested by @michal
  11. When couples cover themselves with sheets after sex. I mean you've seen each other naked before.
  12. Fucking stage whispers. Bitch everyone can hear you
  13. When people don't say "BYE" when they hang up the phone
    Suggested by @whatsupdanny (btw i cant believe you read my list i looove you bye)